Website Design for Sudarshan Sridharan

Sudarshan Sridharan

Website Design — Web Hosting — Domain Name

Sudarshan approached us with a goal. He wanted to create a simple portfolio that allowed him to showcase current projects & past accomplishments.

We built the website, equipped with a latest Twitter post function. We then tailored a practical web hosting solution relevant to his location and requirements.

Next up, we helped Sudarshan get a domain name he loved. We decided upon a trendy .io domain, popular with startups. Given his experience with the startup world, he felt this was fitting.

The final step was to setup the web hosting and launch the website.

Sudarshan was our first international client, based in the USA. He is currently working on a web app and we have been asked back to lead the design for the project.

The Lab Creative Design — 2017